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2015 Canberra Conference on Earth System Governance

14 December 2015 - 16 December 2015
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

The Conference will bring 250-300 leading researchers, early career scholars and policy experts from around the world to the Australian National University to engage in discussions on critical issues in social science governance research on the environment and sustainable development.

This is the 6th Conference on earth system governance. Previous conferences have been held in Amsterdam (2009), Berlin (2010), Colorado (2011), Lund (2012), Tokyo (2013) and Norwich (2014). 

‘Democracy and Resilience in the Anthropocene’ is the Conference's overarching theme.

Resilience and the Anthropocene are increasingly prominent in contemporary narratives of global environmental change, with important implications for how we think about governance. Can democratic politics at the local, national and global level rise to the challenges that these concepts present? Are the types of governance they appear to promote desirable? What are the consequences of non-democratic politics or polities for resilience, and for transitions and transformations towards more sustainable futures? The Canberra Conference on Earth System Governance will be a lively forum for hundreds of scientists to examine, explore and challenge some of the core ideas underlying earth system governance.