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What is Climate Diplomacy?

The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century – the geopolitical consequences are substantial. As things stand, we are on course for a much warmer world. The repercussions for our foreign policy agenda are significant and therefore a stronger role for foreign policy in international climate policy is called for – namely through climate diplomacy.

Climate Diplomacy ABC

Institutions and Governance

Geopolitics of Climate Change

Security, Fragility and Resilience

Water Diplomacy

Food Security

Migration and Cities

Who we are

adelphi and the German Federal Foreign Office first formed an alliance over a decade ago and have since been playing a central role in the process of analysing the international debates on climate diplomacy and security, while developing key narratives, contributing to awareness raising and capacity building efforts, and supporting international and regional dialogues on this topic around the world.

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Policy Analysis and Reseach

Conducting policy analysis and research, and compiling concise policy briefs to inform key policy actors, lies at the heart of the Climate Diplomacy Initiative. Discover a series of climate diplomacy policy briefs, flagship reports and climate security and fragilty risk assessments.

Expert Dialogues and Consulations

The security consequences of climate change will be different in each continent and will interact with social, political and economic processes and capabilities that are unique to each region. Regional dialogues provide a forum for local partners and experts to exchange views and network.

Capacity Building

In order to formulate appropriate policies and sound long-term strategies, as well as to conduct climate outreach, a thorough grasp of climate diplomacy, and an understanding of the characteristics of climate impacts and politics in each region are necessary. Discover our trainings and briefings.

Knowledge Management and Outreach

One key strategic objective of the Climate Diplomacy Initiative is to engage the wider public in the debate around climate diplomacy. To that end, adelphi and the German Federal Foreign Office have devised an integrated communication concept for multiple target groups. 

Contributing Authors


Adam Day

CSEN Expert
author, Brazil, Latin America, Adriana Erthal Abdenur

Adriana Erthal Abdenur

CSEN Expert

Ayan Mahamoud

CSEN Expert
author, bio, benjamin pohl

Benjamin Pohl


Boubacar T. Assoumana

CSEN Expert

Carlos Fuller

CSEN Expert

Chitra Nagarajan

CSEN Expert

Christophe Hodder

CSEN Expert

Coral Pasisi

CSEN Expert
Author bio pic_Dennis Tänzler

Dennis Tänzler

Dhanasree Jayaram, author, south asia, climate diplomacy

Dhanasree Jayaram

CSEN Expert

Geoff Dabelko

CSEN Expert

Herman Rosa Chávez

CSEN Expert
author, bio, janani vivekananda

Janani Vivekananda

bio pic_Lou Del Bello

Lou del Bello


Marisol Maddox

CSEN Expert

Marwa Daoudy

CSEN Expert

Matthew Brubacher

CSEN Expert

Mely Caballero-Anthony

CSEN Expert

Milen Yishak

CSEN Expert
Oli Brown, author, climate, security, conflict

Oli Brown

CSEN Expert

Ottilia Anna Maunganidze

CSEN Expert
Paul Joffe, bio, author, climate diplomacy, platform

Paul Joffe


Sagal Abshir

CSEN Expert

Salma Kadry

CSEN Expert

Hon. Sharon E. Burke

CSEN Expert