6th African Union - European Union Summit

17 February - 18 February 2022

The EU-African Union Summit will be the culminating moment when African and European Heads of State and Government meet to determine joint priorities for their common future.

17 February - 18 February 2022

The European Commission’s and the European External Action Service's vision of the future Africa-EU partnership is outlined in the Joint Communication “Towards a Comprehensive Strategy with Africa” and supported by Council Conclusions. It proposes to work together on five key global trends:

  1. A Partnership for the Green Transition and Energy Access
  2. A Partnership for Digital Transformation
  3. A Partnership for Sustainable Growth and Jobs
  4. A Partnership for Peace, Security and Governance
  5. A Partnership on Migration and Mobility

More information will be available here.


This description was excerpted from ec.europa.eu.