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Adaptation Futures Conference 2023

2 - 6 October 2023
Montreal, Canada (Hybrid)

The Adaptation Futures 2023 conference aims to learn from Indigenous, local knowledge and voices in climate change adaptation research, policies, practices and actions around the world, accelerate the adoption of transformative adaptation for long-term resilience, bring marginalised voices, especially from the Global South, to the forefront in pursue of climate justice, equity, diversity and inclusion and accelerate momentum towards the Global Goal on Adaptation and the Global Stocktake and build on action to implement effective adaptation.

Conference themes include:

  1. Learning from Indigenous and local peoples knowledge and expertise in adaptation 

  2. Dealing with multiple risks: Compound, cascading, cross-border climate change risks 
  3. Making adaptation choices: managing trade-offs and seeking effective adaptation 
  4. When we can no longer adapt
  5. Who wins, who loses, who decides: Equity and justice in adaptation
  6. The power of nature for climate action
  7. Teaching and learning adaptation in a changing climate
  8. Inclusive adaptation governance and finance: how do we get there?  

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