Closing the gender gap in climate and security

28 June 2021

International Alert and Chatham House are hosting a round table discussion on the gender gap in climate and security. In an hour of discussions, four experts – a peacebuilder, an environmentalist, an activist and a UN staff member - will exchange on how a more granular understanding of the gendered impacts of climate change in fragile and conflict-affected states can lead to better local, national and global responses.

The Climate crisis disproportionately affects fragile and conflict-affected states. While those states are contributing the least to global emissions – they face the starkest effects of climate change which adds stress on livelihood of their populations. Weak governance and conflict reduce the capability of those states to adapt to this crisis.

Within these countries, men and women, and boys and girls, experience climate change, peace and security in different ways. Deeply rooted gender norms, expectations and roles lead to different impacts and shape differential coping and adaptation mechanisms for different genders, generations, ethnicities, religions, abilities or sexual orientations. Ignoring these dynamics risks creating new vulnerabilities, reinforcing existing inequalities, and more importantly – missing valid ideas on how to tackle the climate crisis.

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