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Exploring the Land-Food-Climate Nexus: Understanding Barriers and Opportunities for Transforming Africa’s Food Systems

7 September 2021

This event will focus on the challenges posed by climate change to food systems in Africa and explore the linkages between land degradation and sustainable land management, food security and climate adaptation and mitigation.

7 September 2021

Discussions at the event, which is part of the TMG Research – Robert Bosch Foundation Event series, will revolve around African smallholder farmers and pastoralists, who are the backbone of African agriculture and food security, but who with their dependence on rainfed agriculture and communal rangelands are among the most affected by the impacts of accelerated climate change. The objectives are to:

  • explore the interlinkages and interdependencies between access to land, climate resilient agricultural practices and livelihoods and food security (the ‘land-food-climate nexus’) in various African contexts;
  • examine how African smallholder's and pastoralist's needs and concerns are reflected in current global debates on food systems and climate (UNFSS & UNFCCC); and
  • address decision makers and stakeholders involved in UNFCCC COP and the UN Food Systems Summit, with a special focus on the agricultural community.

More information on the event available here.


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