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Reverberations from Ukraine to MENA: The impact of the war on MENA’s geopolitics, energy and food security

9 November 2022

This session will discuss and reflect on the impact of the war in Ukraine on the MENA region. 

9 November 2022, 12:45–14:00 CET

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has shaken the foundations of European security, but its effects have reverberated beyond Europe.  The war has caused energy disruptions at a time of heightened economic challenges across the globe. This propels energy rich states to prominence and offers them a critical role in influencing regional and international geopolitical and security relationships.   

The war has also highlighted the heavy dependence of MENA countries on grain imports from Ukraine and Russia. Risks of food shortages and skyrocketing prices in several MENA countries heighten the likelihood of unrest. And that could have serious repercussions for stability and security in an already fragile region.  

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