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Peace Pillar: Multi-level approaches for sustainable peace in Nigeria’s Middle Belt (Benue, Plateau and Nasarawa States)

Farmer-herder disputes over natural resources have led to violence which saw thousands killed in Nigeria in recent years. Natural disasters and inhospitable conditions have displaced additional hundreds of thousands. The effects of climate change are particularly acute in the Middle Belt, known as the “breadbasket” of Nigeria.

Boys with cattle herd in Nigeria

This project conducts dialogue and mediation at multiple levels, with a special focus on environmental peace-making capacity building. Track 3 dialogues are instigated with key stakeholders to the conflict, in addition to track 1.5 dialogue between communities. Building trust and confidence is a priority, with the ultimate aim of improving resource sharing through dialogue and reducing the potential for conflict.

This project is part of the Weathering Risk Peace Pillar, which translates climate-security foresight and analysis into peacebuilding action where it is needed most. Currently in its first phase, the Peace Pillar implements a number of pilot projects conducted by experienced peacebuilding organisations in regions severely affected by conflict and climate risks. Through and from implementation the Peace Pillar aims to share and elevate evidence-based recommendations in mainstreaming climate-security to support sustainable peace processes on the ground.

The Peace Pillar is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and implemented by adelphi in partnership with the Berghof Foundation, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) and the European Institute of Peace (EIP). The Peace Pillar works with evaluation experts, including Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) to assess the impact of the pilot projects.


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Katarina Schulz:

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Supported by Germany

Type: Practice, Dialogue/advocacy, Process

Relevant action areas: 4. Climate security risk-informed peace; 5. Knowledge and experience sharing; 6. Cooperation through dialogue

Location of project: Nigeria

Duration: 2022-present

Partners: Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, adelphi

Key activities: Dialogue and mediation, peace-building, improving resource sharing