3rd Global Climate Policy Conference (GCPC)

28 April 2016 - 29 April 2016
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The aim of the GCPC 2016 conference will be to discuss actionable research ideas that can help advance the implementation of developing countries’ Paris pledges and to address other key issues in the climate arena.

The abstracts should focus on new economic, social and political ideas that could help with future negotiations and/or provide innovative options to remove obstacles for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. While the conference is broadly focused on addressing key issues in the climate domain and advancing climate actions, particular emphasis will be given to topics relevant to the African continent.

The focus issues are the following:

• NDCs Ambition
• Governance and Transparency
• Justice and Equity
• Means of Implementation (Finance, Technology, Capacity)
• Adaptation and Resilience
• Monitoring and Reporting
• Loss and Damage
• Low-carbon Development


Source: Global Climate Policy Conference 2016: Call for Abstracts