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Asia-Pacific Regional Seminar on Environmental Rule of Law

14 March 2024, 16:00 – 17:30 (GMT+7)

This webinar, hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), introduces findings from the report Environmental Rule of Law: Tracking Progress and Charting Future Directions

In the face of this triple planetary crisis, environmental rule of law has never been more important or relevant. Environmental rule of law provides an essential toolbox of approaches for strengthening the implementation and enforcement of, and compliance with, environmental law. It empowers us to fortify the application, strengthen enforcement, and ensure better environmental actions for the planet for both present and future generations.


With an aim to support the promotion and strengthening of environmental rule of law, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) published the second environmental rule of law report, Environmental Rule of Law: Tracking Progress and Charting Future Directions(the Report) in November 2023.


UNEP is organizing a series of seminars, both in-person and online, to introduce the findings and recommendations of the Report and to facilitate discussions aimed at promoting and strengthening environmental rule of law. These seminars will convene leading experts on environmental rule of law, including contributors to the Report, to encourage information sharing and in-depth discussions.



  • Raising awareness about the role and significance of environmental rule of law in addressing environmental challenges.
  • Discussing the key findings and recommendations outlined in the Report.
  • Providing a platform for experts and stakeholders to engage in discussions on environmental rule of law at both global and regional levels.
  • Identifying potential avenues for collaboration and possible next steps


Welcome remarks from Soo-Young Hwang, Law Division, UN

Report findings
Global findings of the report "Environmental Rule of Law: Tracking Progress and Charting Future Directions," presented by Carl Bruch, Environmental Law Institute, and Lydia Slobodian, Georgetown University Law Center.

A focus on Asia and the Pacific
Environmental rule of law in the Asia-Pacific region, presented by Georgina Lloyd, Regional Coordinator - Environmental Law and Governance, UNEP

Panel discussion
Reflections and reactions to the report with Rose Liza Eisma-Osorio and Tianbao Qin 

A question and answer session for participants

Final remarks
Closing remarks from Soo-Young Hwang, Law Division, UNEP


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