Climate adaptation, transboundary water management, and political stability in the Middle East

25 - 26 May 2023
Istanbul, Turkey

This workshop brings together experts and stakeholders from the MENA region and beyond to discuss approaches to addressing the nexus between climate change, water resources, development, migration, and (human) security in the region. Participants have the opportunity to share good practices and discuss strategic priorities – in particular with regard to regional cooperation and collaboration with the EU and other European partners.

25 - 26 May 2023

The effects of climate change on water supply, food security, migration, and political stability are becoming evident in the Middle East. In recent years, the region has been hit by increasingly frequent and severe weather events, which disproportionately affect poor and marginalized communities, undermine economic prospects, displace populations, and fuel tensions between people and states.

Discussions and policy recommendations developed during the workshop will feed into CASCADES’ ongoing consultation and outreach process with the European Commission and other European stakeholders.

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