How climate change undermines security in Iraq, Africa & India

17 June 2022
Clingendael 7, the Hague

The Planetary Security Initiative is hosting a public event on the climate-related security risks and opportunities for environmental peacebuilding on June 17th. The event will feature both local solutions, such as PSI’s Basra Forum on Climate, Environment and Security in Iraq, and the role of international partners, particularly the Netherlands, in reducing climate-related risks.

17 June 2022, 15:00-16:00 CET


15:00: Welcome by Dr. Louise van Schaik, Head of Unit EU & Global Affairs
15:05: Input by Salman Khirallah (Humat Dijlah)
            Discussant: H.E. Michel Rentenaar, Netherlands Ambassador to Iraq
15:15: Input by Arrliya Sugal (Berghof Foundation)
            Discussant: H.E. Maarten Brouwer, Netherlands Ambassador to Kenya, Somalia and Eritrea
15:25: Input by Dr. Danashree Jayaram (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation)
            Discussant: H.E. Marten van den Berg, Netherlands Ambassador to India
15:35: Q&A and discussion
15:55: Concluding remarks by Dr. Louise van Schaik

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