Second Global Conference on Health and Climate: Building Healthier Societies Through Implementation of the Paris Agreement

7 July 2016 - 8 July 2016
Paris, France

The conference will be organised by the World Health Organization and the Government of France with the objective to showcase how the public health community will support the implementation of the Paris agreement, in order to build healthier and more sustainable societies.

The conference will define a post COP21 action agenda for the implementation of the Paris agreement for healthier and more sustainable societies, to be supported by the creation of a Global Platform on Health and Climate. Moreover, the conference will result in the following specific outputs:

  1. A global strategy for health resilience investments
  2. Guidance on the role of the health sector in climate change mitigation
  3. An economic approach to assess and value the health “co-benefits” of climate change mitigation measures, as well as savings from investments in climate resilient health systems
  4. A co-ordinated plan for international monitoring of progress in health adaptation and mitigation at country level
  5. A global platform to engage with civil society, scientists, and the wider global health community to promote action at the health and climate nexus