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2024 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development

6–8 May 2024
Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden

SIPRI’s 2024 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development will be held by invitation only at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm. The plenary sessions will be live-streamed on SIPRI’s YouTube channel.

The 2024 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development will unpack the complex context in which humanitarian, development and peacebuilding actors are working and look at how actors are delivering on the ground in the face of these challenges. It will discuss ways to address growing mistrust and distrust between the Global North and South, and between citizens and their political representatives. It will explore how multilateral efforts—such as the Summit of the Future—could strengthen international arrangements for peace and security. And the Forum will look for possible pathways towards a more peaceful, unified future.

A crucial element of the Forum will be to dive into discussions about effective implementation and to share best practices on these key questions:

  • What does conflict prevention look like in today’s world?
  • What trade-offs need to be made in the face of competing priorities?
  • How can organizations continue to engage and motivate people in a system that often feels close to breaking point?


The 2024 Stockholm Forum will feature a diverse range of sessions, including high-level policy debates, roundtables, workshops and fireside chats. These will give policymakers, development and humanitarian actors, peace entrepreneurs, researchers, security experts, and civil society organizations space to discuss and work towards integrated solutions to security, peace and development challenges.

The Forum works with partners to foster open exchange between the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding communities. It offers an innovative platform for sharing knowledge, novel practices and ongoing policy developments. This includes knowledge and evidence related to specific countries, regions and regional organizations, including the European Union and its neighbourhood, NATO, the African Union and others. Perspectives from the Global South, including emerging economies, are particularly encouraged.

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