Conference on Environmental Conflict and Cooperation

3 March 2021

The conference aims to inform participants of case studies from around the world, as well as allow them to share insights, both academic and from the field, and develop real-world, practical knowledge and tools.

Environmental concerns and natural resources can be a cause for conflict between ethnic, religious, national, and political groups, but they can also be a reason for cooperation between countries, organizations, communities, and individuals. Such cooperation could include ecological goals such as enhancing ecosystem health and preventing species or habitat loss, but also goals such as strengthening community resilience, protection of cultural values, scientific discovery, and peacebuilding. The Conference on Environmental Conflict and Cooperation (CECC) focuses on two main issues: 1. inter-group environmental conflicts, and the ways to resolve, mitigate, or prevent them; and 2. cross-border environmental cooperation on all levels, including international, inter-governmental, regional, and local levels.

Sessions will include the following topics:

  • Cross-border Conflict over Natural Resources
  • Nature Knows No Borders?: Borders and Ecosystems
  • Peacebuilding and the Environment
  • Getting to Win-Win: Transboundary Environmental Cooperation
  • International Ecological and Scientific Cooperation

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