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Final Intergovernmental Consultations on Nature-based Solutions

9 – 13 October 2023
United Nations Office of Nairobi, Kenya

This is the final round of intergovernmental consultations on nature-based solutions. These will be in-person meetings comprising both regional and global consultations.

The consultations on Nature-based Solutions were called for in UNEA Resolution 5/5 on Nature-based Solutions for Sustainable Development, passed at UNEA 5.2 in Nairobi in March 2022. The consultations have thus far comprised a virtual global consultation, held on 15th – 16th May 2023, and a series of 5 regional consultations – one for each of the UN regions, held throughout June and July 2023 – reflecting the Resolution’s request for the consultations to be conducted in a regionally balanced manner. The first global meeting was attended by 327 people, and the regional meetings by a total of 298 people. The summaries of the first global and regional consultations can be accessed through these hyperlinks.

This final round of consultations will comprise both regional and global sessions, and will be held in an in-person format only at the United Nations Office of Nairobi (UNON), Kenya. This final round of consultations will build on the issues raised by Member States and Stakeholders during the previous rounds, seeking to address common concerns, contribute to building a shared understanding of nature-based solutions, and support the implementation of nature-based solutions for sustainable development. Following the final round of consultations, the Co-Chairs will prepare a summary of the entire consultation process, which will be presented to UNEA 6 in the form of an InfDoc.

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