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Water Security and Climate Change Conference

1 December - 3 December 2022
Bangkok, Thailand

The Water Security and Climate Change Conference (WSCC) is an annual event where scientists, policy makers, and stakeholders from various sectors discuss the diverse facets of water security and its relationship to climate variability and climate change. The 2022 WSCC will take place in a hybrid format. 

1 December - 3 December 2022

WSCC provides a platform for discussions on water and food secure societies, by creating a stimulating environment that produces innovative ideas and clear pathways towards their implementation.

The key focus area is “adaptation for sustainable and resilient development”. This area is particularly significant in view of the caveat issued by the recently launched Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, “that opportunities for adaptation to many climate risks will likely become constrained and have reduced effectiveness should 1.5°C global warming be exceeded.” It is now well established that adaptation is more of a ‘necessity’ than a ‘choice’ for climate-resilient development.

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