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Climate Diplomacy – 10 Key Publications

Climate Diplomacy in Perspective: From Early Warning to Early Action

This is one of the founding documents of a new global discourse on climate diplomacy. The publication highlights the key positions in the debate on the security risks of climate change and the prospects of climate diplomacy.

The publication gives particular emphasis to water resource management, global food security, and rising sea levels that threaten coastal areas and low-lying island states. The authors explore ways to further develop regional cooperation and dialogue in light of a changing climate and provide strong arguments for urgent action that complements international climate negotiations.

Tänzler, Dennis and Alexander Carius (ed.) 2012: Climate Diplomacy in Perspective. From Early Warning to Early Action. Berlin: Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag.


And last but not least, a publication by our colleagues from E3G that is worth consulting: 

EU Foreign Policy in a Changing Climate: A Climate and Energy Strategy for Europe’s Long-Term Security

The EU Global Strategy, presented by the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini in June 2016, is a key moment to refresh the EU’s approach to maintaining its prosperity and security in a rapidly changing world.

In this report, Luca Bergamaschi, Nick Mabey, Jonathan Gaventa and Camilla Born from E3G explore practical actions that EU foreign policy institutions could undertake to manage climate risk and an orderly global transition. This will require a new approach to diplomacy, to the European neighborhood, to trading partners and fossil fuel suppliers, to investment and development assistance and to global markets.


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