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New Conflict Dashboard Tracks Emerging Conflict Trends

The Strauss Center's Climate Change and African Political Stability (CCAPS) program released the new CCAPS conflict dashboard today, enabling analysts to assess high-level conflict trends and detailed event data simultaneously.

Bringing together mapping, trends analysis, and raw data, the CCAPS conflict dashboard provides a comprehensive view of emerging and historical conflict trends in Africa. Users can also analyze how these trends relate to a range of socioeconomic factors.

"Complex security dynamics in Africa naturally require in-depth research and analysis, but also new ways of sharing data to be of most use in policy planning," said Strauss Center Director Francis J. Gavin. "The CCAPS conflict dashboard leverages innovative new CCAPS research to do just this."

The dashboard includes two leading-edge conflict datasets from the CCAPS program. The Social Conflict in Africa Database (SCAD) provides the first systematic tracking of a broad range of social and political unrest in Africa, including protests, riots, strikes, inter-communal conflict, government violence against civilians, and other forms of social conflict. The dashboard maps over 7,900 social conflict events from 1990 to 2011 and provides detailed information on the location, timing and magnitude of conflict events, as well as the actors and issues involved.

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