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WWF releases groundbreaking guide to commodities investing

WWF today unveiled a groundbreaking new guide to responsible investing in 10 major commodities sectors.

The 2050 Criteria: Guide to Responsible Investment in Agricultural, Forest, and Seafood Commodities comes amid accelerating global interest, and controversy, around the financing of food and agricultural commodities. The 2050 Criteria is designed as a field guide for mainstream investors, in particular banks, investors, and financial analysts, to help navigate this complexity and identify responsible companies and projects in the agricultural, forest and seafood industries.

Most significantly, The 2050 Criteria provides “Key Performance Criteria” for identifying responsible practice, helping to mitigate the primary sources of environmental and social risk for investors in these sectors.  The 2050 Criteria “connects environmental science with the sustainability practices and policies of leading firms in each sector, resulting in both credible and practical recommendations.”

“Food security is the challenge of the 21st century. We absolutely need more investments in agriculture, not less,” says Joshua Levin of World Wildlife Fund.  “Yet at the same time that allocation targets are rising, investors are awakening to a quagmire of material, reputational, and systemic risks.  There is a clear need to untangle some of this complexity and provide clear and credible guidance for identifying responsible mainstream performers.

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