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Arctic ice melt means more pirate and terrorist chases say UN climate hosts

Concerns are being raised over Poland’s suitability to host UN climate talks in a month, after a government-run blog appeared to suggest melting ice in the Arctic could benefit the world.

The article, which is on the official COP19 website, hails the huge “savings of time and energy” from using a shorter sea-route across the North Pole.

“We may also build new drilling platforms and retrieve natural resources hidden below the sea bed,” the writer adds, “Chasing the pirates, terrorists and ecologists that will come to hang around”.

The short post promoted a storm of Tweets from prominent climate campaigners, asking COP19 President and Polish Environment Minister Marcin Korolec to explain the remarks.

Kelly Rigg, Executive Director of the Global Campaign on Climate Action asked: “Why is #COP19 host Poland applauding #climate destruction?”

In reply, Korolec said: “txt only points out problem we face. Agree second scenario is not nice. But real if do nothing”.

Bankwatch analyst Tomas Wyns added: “Can someone tell the #polish #COP19 presidency that #UNFCCC is about avoiding #climate change, not to promote it.”

Another blogpost says: “we must never force the Earth’s Citizens to give up leading satisfying lives – they need to make their own choices. Quickly!”

Polish climate analyst Julia Michalak from CAN Europe said the blogs needed to stop: “If it’s intentional it’s unacceptable. If it’s a joke it’s a lousy joke.”

Korolec’s spokesman Pawe? Mikusek told RTCC they were pleased the Arctic article had provoked such a fierce debate.

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