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Assessing environmental damage in Ukraine

Assessing environmental damage in Ukraine

The environmental consequences of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine are arguably better documented than any conflict in history. The reasons are manifold but include the penetration and utilisation of digital technologies, the accessibility of satellite-derived imagery, and the intensity of the conflict and severity of its environmental harms and risks. Similarly, the conflict’s environmental narrative enjoys a far higher profile because of energetic advocacy by Ukraine’s government, as well as the activities of domestic and international civil society and international organisations. That it built on existing environmental narratives linked to the previous eight years of conflict in the Donbas region has also helped, as has increasing societal concern and media interest on environmental issues globally, together with Ukraine’s focus on accountability for war crimes. Taken together, these factors are creating expectations around the environmental dimensions of accountability and recovery.

This report is divided into six sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. The scope of environmental harm
  3. The data collection ecosystem
  4. Current data collection stakeholders
  5. Gaps in data collection
  6. Recommendations

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