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Policy Analysis and Research

Conducting policy analysis and research, and compiling concise policy briefs to inform key actors, lies at the heart of the Climate Diplomacy Initiative. With the support of the German Federal Foreign Office, a series of climate diplomacy policy briefs, as well as climate security and fragilty risk assessments, have been produced since 2011. They look into the impacts of climate change and identify entry-points for action across sectors and regions.

Policy briefs

Policy-makers are regularly confronted with a plethora of issues that require fast and efficient decion-making. Policy briefs support this process by offering a summary of key information and knowledge, and highlighting entry-points for action. The Climate Diplomacy policy briefs address issues around climate cooperation and action, regional dynamics around climate diplomacy, climate-related impacts to economy and security, and much more. They are compiled by adelphi experts, often in cooperation with our many partners. Discover:

Reports and essay series

These reports provide in-depth analyses into critical issues related to climate change, often diving into regional and sectoral case-studies that provide practical insights into how climate change unfolds in different contexts.

Climate Security Expert Network

The Climate Security Expert Network (CSEN), which comprises some 30 international experts based around the globe, is a hub for research on the linkages between climate and security, their effects and responses to them. CSEN supports the Group of Friends on Climate and Security and the Climate Security Mechanism of the UN system by synthesising scientific knowledge and expertise, advising on entry points for building resilience to climate security risks, and helping to strengthen a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities of addressing climate-related security risks. The network is supported by a grant from the German Federal Foreign Office; the Secretariat of CSEN is run by adelphi.

Regional Risk Assessments

The risk briefs analyse the most pressing climate-security risks in a certain region, as well as entry points for responses. They are companied by a 2-page factsheet, which summarises the key facts. All the risk briefs are written by experts that either come from the specific region under analysis, or have years of experience working there.