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Adrien Detges

Adrien Detges is a Senior Advisor in the diplomacy and security programme and a member of several international research and advisory groups. The focus of his work is making the findings of climate and security research useful for the prevention of humanitarian and political crises. Adrien wants to promote peace and sustainable development worldwide. He sees particular potential in the abundance of new data and communication technologies – but also reason for caution.


International Water Cooperation Opens the Door to Peacemaking

Although water is an essential input for agriculture and industrial production, it is also scarce in many regions. When it crosses international borders via shared rivers, lakes and aquifers, it can become a source of conflict and contention. Yet while water can be a source of instability, especially in the face of climate change, it can also be a source or catalyst for cooperation and even peace.

Factbook News: New cases on the conflict potential of environmental protection measures

Policies to protect the environment or mitigate the negative effects of climate change can have unintended negative consequences for local communities and lead to conflicts over the use of natural resources and the focus of local development policies. In a new series of case studies, the ECC Factbook analyses conflicts in connection with conservation projects.



Climate change, development and security in the Central Sahel


This report sheds light on the possible effects of climate change on development and security in the Central Sahel, namely in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. It examines the interactions between climatic stresses, food security, and conflict risk, by highlighting the region’s key socio-economic and political conditions, and how these could shape future vulnerability to the effects of global warming.


Climate change and resilience in the Central Sahel


This policy paper summarises the main findings from research conducted under CASCADES on the Central Sahel, covering Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. This research focused on key climate related challenges in the region, notably with regards to livelihoods, food security, human mobility and human security, including communal conflicts and violent extremism.

10 Insights on Climate Impacts and Peace

New report for policymakers provides an overview of the growing research on the links between climate change, security and peace. The synthesis identifies ten insights into climate-related security risks and lays the groundwork for the Global Climate Security Risk and Foresight Assessment, led by adelphi and PIK, launched at the Berlin Climate and Security Conference.