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Launch Event: WWF-adelphi report "The Nature of Conflict and Peace"

18 May 2022

Join the public launch event of the new WWF-adelphi report: The Nature of Conflict and Peace: The links between environment, security and peace and their importance for the United Nations.

18 May 2022, 15:00 CET / 9:00 EST

Environmental degradation and biodiversity loss are important drivers of insecurity and conflict around the world, and increasingly impact global peace and security. This nature-security nexus is visible in the links between biodiversity and livelihood insecurity, natural resource conflicts, conflict financing and environmental crimes, and the impacts of war and conflict on the environment.


  • Welcome by the event’s moderator Meaghan Parker, Executive Director of the Society of Environmental Journalists
  • Presentation of the report by Florian Titze, Policy Advisor International Biodiversity Policy, WWF, and Lukas Rüttinger, Senior Advisor, adelphi

The presentation of the report was accompanied by a discussion with 

  • Alice Ruhweza, Africa Region Director, WWF. 

Download the report here.