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Strategy on Defence and Climate Change

Strategy on Defence and Climate Change cover

To conceptually prepare the Federal Ministry of Defence and its area of responsibility, eight fields of action have been identified which contribute to achieving the aim of this Strategy:

  • Geoinformation, early warning and foresight: Recognise impacts of climate change early, evaluate and draw relevant conclusions
  • Technologies, research and development: Use and stimulate innovative technologies and research in order to adapt Bundeswehr capabilities 
  • Defence planning and capability development: Ensure long-term usability of Bundeswehr capabilities even under the influence of climate change 
  • Bundeswehr operations across the entire task spectrum: Integrate the impacts of climate change into the cycle of military planning and conduct of operations 
  • Enabling civilian and military personnel: Incorporate challenges posed by climate change into basic and advanced training, qualification and exercises 
  • Defence-relevant infrastructure: Ensure the functioning of defence-relevant infrastructure 
  • Military assistance in Germany and abroad: Continuously refine procedures and processes for the provision of subsidiary assistance by the Bundeswehr
  • Cooperation and partnerships: Use synergies and potential for cooperation through collaboration with partners

In all fields of action, clear objectives have been defined. In a next step, these will be operationalised in internal action plans for further implementation. Accordingly, the Strategy on Defence and Climate Change lays the foundation for a future-oriented adaptation of the Federal Ministry of Defence and its area of responsibility to climate change.

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