Supporting community resilience in times of change – Interview with UNEP

"The overall goal is to build resilience of communities – resilience to all sorts of things not just climate change - to land use, to population growth, to the whole variety of changes that surround us in the world. We live in a time of tremendous change and resilience to climate change is one part of that. But resilience is something that communities have to do, something that national governments have to do. It is about anticipating what changes there are, adapting to those changes, and then building up structures to manage these big shifts that we are seeing all around us.

The international community, of which UNEP is one part, has a role to play and I guess setting the agenda for what resilience means, what it looks like, how we can support it in terms of building a kind of consensus for action on supporting that agenda and then helping to build the capacity for that resilience in communities and countries.

Across those three areas, we think the environmental community has quite an important role in terms of trying to articulate what resilience means, how we put it in place, and how we build that across the whole spectrum of different activities that we are doing both as UN Environment and as the international community more generally to support communities and countries in their own efforts in trying to build resilience."