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Addressing climate-fragility risks – Linking peacebuilding, climate change adaptation and sustainable livelihoods: Monitoring and evaluation

It  accompanies the guidance note which is focused on policy, strategy and project development, and a toolbox, which lists further reading and additional tools.

  • Chapter 1 explains the importance of M&E and lays out the basic principles of conflict- and genders-sensitive M&E.
  • Chapter 2 explains how to measure results and impacts putting a special  focus on climate change adaptation and peacebuilding results.
  • Chapter 3 provides guidance on how to develop indicatorsand how to approach your baseline.

A number of checklists and sets of guiding questions throughout the note help readers to put the concepts and approaches described into action.


Toolkit_Addressing climate-fragility risks_Monitoring and evaluation (2 of 3).pdf

Access here a new revised version published in 2022.