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Conflict prevention in the era of climate change: Adapting the UN to climate-security risks

This report offers

  1. a literature review covering the major scholarship on the links between climate change and violent conflict;
  2. in-depth case studies on climate-security dynamics in Bangladesh and Nigeria; and
  3. cross-cutting conclusions and recommendations for the UN system.

The main cross-cutting recommendations are as follows:

  1. Analyse indirect impacts.
  2. Focus on governance, not just scarcity.
  3. Build up foresight capacities.
  4. Look for maladaptation and inequality.
  5. Adopt multi-scalar, cross-border responses.
  6. Build a common language for climate-security.
  7. Prioritise and bring climate-security into the broader climate discussion.
  8. Strengthen knowledge management and build an evidence base.

Download the full report here.


[This description was taken from the report’s homepage.]