Interconnected Disaster Risks


The report analyses 10 interconnected disasters that took place in 2020/2021:

  1. Amazon Wildfires – Wildfires fueled by global appetite
  2. Arctic Heatwave – Spiraling into a climate disaster
  3. Beirut Explosion – When the global community abandons ship
  4. Central Viet Nam Floods – When being prepared is no longer enough
  5. Chinese Paddlefish Extinction – The fish that survived the dinosaur extinction but not humankind
  6. COVID-19 Pandemic – How a pandemic is showing us the value of biodiversity
  7. Cyclone Amphan – When a cyclone and a pandemic combine
  8. Desert Locust outbreak – How manageable risks spin out of control
  9. Great Barrier Reef bleaching – Losing more than a natural wonder
  10. Texas cold wave – A preventable catastrophe?

Download the report here.


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