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The Belt and Road Initiative - The case of Kazakhstan

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The BRI is more than a credit line – it is a central economic diplomacy instrument of a global power with potentially vast sustainability impact. The specific projects and geopolitical context vary across the different target countries and regions, and, therefore, so do their potential implications for climate action. The report adopts a case-study approach and looks in detail at China-financed projects in Kazakhstan.

Based on this in-depth analysis, the study outlines ways for European Climate Diplomacy to engage with China and its partner countries on a greener BRI.


Listen to the podcast here

This episode of the Climate Diplomacy Podcast explores China-financed projects in Kazakhstan and the dynamics of decarbonisation and geopolitics.

Download the full report here or the Executive Summary here.

This publication is a deliverable of MISTRA GEOPOLITICS, which is funded by MISTRA - The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research. It is further supported by a grant of the German Federal Foreign Office.