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Daria Ivleva

Daria Ivleva is Senior Advisor at adelphi. In her research and advisory work, she focusses on foreign policy dimensions of sustainable and low-emissions transformation. Geopolitics of decarbonisation is one of her core topics. Daria is particularly interested in how transformation processes – a whole-of-society task – can be advanced in different policy fields and with diverse actor groups. She is also the point of contact for the Environment, Conflict and Cooperation Exhibition.

Articles & Interviews

Daria, geopolitics, trade, finance, Mistra

The geopolitics of decarbonization, finance and trade

Daria, geopolitics, trade, finance, Mistra

Changes in the geopolitical landscape have far-reaching implications for sustainable development agendas. At the same time, changes that are needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – and to limit climate change – will have geopolitical repercussions.

EU climate change diplomacy in a post-Covid-19 world

Since the European Parliament issued its resolution on climate diplomacy in June 2018, several important trends have been shaping this area of the EU’s external action, enabling progress and posing new challenges.



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Geopolitics of Decarbonisation_ Towards an Analytical Framework

From Riches to Rags - Stranded Assets and the Governance Implications for the Fossil Fuel Sector



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