Germany's Foreign Minister Maas at the Green Central Asia Conference

Central Asia is a hot spot where climate change threatens to result in severe economic, development and environmental losses.

"Climate change is an issue that concerns us in Germany and in Europe, but the issue is global. Take the countries in Central Asia, for example. They are threatened by water shortages, temperatures are rising, and people's livelihoods are changing.

Central Asia is a key region between Europe and Asia, and that is why we want to work with these countries to find strategies that help them better come to terms with the challenges of climate change. It is not just about environmental issues, although that is part of it, clearly.

Climate change has long been a security concern, as well. And we want to set a process in motion. We also want to work with the European Union to find strategies to master the challenge in the region across borders. The expectations there are high for Germany as well as the European Union, and we want to meet them."