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Kyrgyzstan's Foreign Minister Aidarbekov at the Green Central Asia Conference

Kyrgyzstan, indeed all of Central Asia, is a hot spot where climate change threatens to result in severe economic, development and environmental losses.

"Our region is the most fragile for the climate change issues. We are spending a big amount of our finance, money from our state budget to cover these problems and to assist our nation, our people in fighting these threats. And that's why for us, it is important the joined forces which Germany together with European Union, will undertake to bring their knowledge, their technologies, their expertise to Central Asia.

I think that Germany is one of the most advanced countries who could assist us. So we will continue to discuss this issue with the German side, with the European Union institutions to adjust their vision with our problems, with our vision, and to work out the most efficient road map, which will help us, all five countries and plus Afghanistan, to tackle with these new threats. With this new challenge, which we have."