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Launch of the Group of Friends for an ambitious EU climate diplomacy

Ahead of COP27, the GoF reaffirmed that the climate crisis is the defining challenge of our time. It is an existential threat to humanity, international peace, and security with millions of people at risk of being displaced from their homes and livelihoods being destroyed. Despite these severe consequences, which are aggravated by the Russian aggression against Ukraine, global climate action is still falling short to achieve the 1.5 degrees and the goals of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Building upon the Council Conclusions on climate and energy diplomacy inter alia, the GoF is committed to enhancing cooperation, coordination and implementation of ambitious climate diplomacy action through the EUs foreign and security policy.

Current priorities for the work of the GoF include:

  1. To enhance the nexus between climate and security within EU Foreign Policy, including through systematic climate assessments on the effects climate change has on stability, peace and security in specific contexts.
  2. To accelerate a Paris-aligned global energy transition and the phasing out of fossil fuels by supporting actively the implementation of the external dimension of the EU “Green Deal” and by showing leadership in mitigation action to reduce climate risks and strengthen solidarity with the most vulnerable. In this regard, it is vital to strengthen climate and energy diplomacies and build alliances with like-minded partners for determined climate action ahead of COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh in November 2022 and beyond.
  3. To enhance coordination among GoF-members on climate diplomacy and to ensure to effectively mainstream climate action across all areas of EU foreign and security policy.

Members agreed to regularly take stock of progress made and underlined the need to work closely, from Ministerial through to working level, with the European Union. All EU Member States who want to foster a more ambitious EU Climate Diplomacy are welcome to join this inclusive group.


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