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Linking the Paris Agreement, Sendai Framework and SDGs

She argues that one has to work across the different frameworks to realise cross-sectorial benefits. Donors - when they design calls and funding allocations - should not restrict themselves to individual frameworks, but should link in the Paris Agreement, SDGs, and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

"So we know really clearly we are getting more and more evidence and the discussions here have been really stressing how these problems are interconnected, how risks are interrelated, and yet, although it is amazing progress from 2015 to 2016, we have this global agenda, we have got the global frameworks on sustainable development, we have got the Paris Agreement, also we have got the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and it is not really a framework but the World Humanitarian Summit was also a really significant milestone in 2016 to revise how we do humanitarian aid, to shift it from response to prevention. So I think that is also a really important process to throw into this mix.


However, we are talking about these risks of climate change, conflict, disasters being interlinked and yet these frameworks are not interlinked and so all of our action is ultimately falling under these frameworks within the development, peace-building, and humanitarian world at least. So our challenge is to work across the goals within the SDGs, so working not just under the goals as silos for programming and policy but across the goals but also across the frameworks and that is a really critical challenge if we are to promote integrated policies and programs under this global framework that we find ourselves with, which is a really positive opportunity but I think is also a reminder to us to through the implementation phase, which starts now, ensure that our responses are integrated within that.

And I think there is a real imperative on the donor community and the practitioner community to think about how we work within the frameworks. So the donors I think really have to ensure that when they design calls and funding allocations to not restrict themselves to these individual frameworks but really try and look and how say a climate change intervention under the Paris Agreement can work across and also achieve these cross-factorial co-benefits under the SDGs or under the Sendai Framework. But also within the practitioner community really look at how we can achieve those cross-factor co-benefits, those double dividends."