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Operationalising the Climate, Relief, Recovery and Peace Declaration

Practical Note_Climate Peace and Security - Operationalising the Climate, Relief, Recovers and Peace Declaration

As part of the World Bank Fragility Forum 2024, adelphi and the UN Department of Peacebuilding and Political Affairs / Peacebuilding Support Office (UN DPPA/PBSO) convened a roundtable on Climate, Peace and Security: Operationalising the Climate, Relief, Recovery and Peace (CRRP) Declaration, which aimed at encouraging reflection and discussion on financing and programming peace-positive climate action as well as climate-informed peacebuilding.

The discussion highlighted the importance of:

  • strengthening advocacy for funding flexibility in the field of climate-security among diverse partners, such as civil society and research communities;
  • enhancing the capacity of local partners, including civil society organisations, which is imperative to ensure they are able to access climate finance;
  • implementing a participatory whole-of-government approach that can help improve the mainstreaming of the climate, peace, and security agenda in policies, strategies, and budgets and finally,
  • forging partnerships to implement the commitments made by countries and organisations in the context of the CRRP Declaration, and overall to move towards peace-positive climate action and climate-informed peacebuilding in fragile and conflict-affected contexts.

This practical note captures 8 key takeaways from the event and suggests a way forward by outlining recommendations for national governments, green climate funds, international financial institutions, the private sector and foundations.

Download the practical note