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Uzbekistan's Foreign Minister Kamilov at the Green Central Asia Conference

Uzbekistan, indeed all of Central Asia, is a hot spot where climate change threatens to result in severe economic, development and environmental losses.

"I could say that climate change is one of the most important challenges for Central Asia, for the whole region. And that's why it needs to take common steps, common measures by Central Asian countries. We've done a lot recently together with immediate neighbours, in Central Asia. And first of all, we have solved some very serious bilateral problems with respect to regional water management, security issues, border limitation and also humanitarian ties. And as well as we have a very serious agenda on security issues.

And we came to Berlin, this time five foreign ministers from Central Asia, to exchange views and to try to strengthen our consolidation and our common approach towards these challenges. And I hope we will continue our close cooperation with Germany, with the minister of foreign affairs on the basis of the new strategy of the European Union. We have been working for a long time to take this strategy. And it was a very important step to further strengthen our cooperation, relationship with the European Union as well as with Germany."