China's multi-faceted climate record

This issue of China Dialogue brings a series of insights on China’s position to help us navigate the country’s approach in the international climate community, from its relationship with coal energy to water privatisation and biodiversity protection.

What's inside:

China’s multi-faceted climate record

  • ‘We will not backtrack or renegotiate’ says China’s top climate negotiator, by Li Jing
  • China is building coal power again, by Feng Hao
  • Are China’s energy investments in Africa green enough?, by Lili Pike
  • Solar geoengineering rises in the East, by Lili Pike
  • Does the Chinese public care about climate change?, by Li Jing

China in focus

  • Winter is coming, but how can communicators keep climate change in the news?, by Wu Yixiu
  • Ozone-depleting substances test China’s commitment to global treaty, by Feng Hao
  • A turning point in China’s disaster preparedness?, by Cao Yue
  • #MeToo has arrived and China’s environment sector must respond, by Yao Zhe

Overseas investment

  • BRICS Bank and AIIB: New players, same old game, by Robert Soutar
  • Hong Kong seeks bigger role in BRI, by Kayleigh Long
  • California’s climate leadership contradiction, by Fermín Koop

New takes on global environment

  • Are recyclers ready for the coming glut of lithium-ion batteries?, by Abigail Beall
  • Is privatising water supply really the best solution?, by Hettie O’Brien
  • China’s waste ban debate is ‘misinformed’ and ‘one-dimensional’, by Charlotte Middlehurst
  • Chemical recycling is coming of age, by Catherine Early

Oceans in focus

  • Negotiations start on a high seas treaty, by Zhang Chun
  • China cracks down on illegal distant water fishing, by Zhang Chun
  • Smugglers cashing in on sea turtles, by Li Yifan

Download the issue here (in English and Chinese).