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Climate-Fragility Risk Brief: South Asia

This risk brief charts out the ways in which the security implications of climate change manifest themselves in the region. At present, there are no dedicated frameworks that directly address climate-fragility risks or the security implications of climate change in South Asia. In light of this, this risk brief also suggests a number of entry points for addressing these risks, which go beyond the overarching necessity to create more evidence-based and actionable knowledge on the region’s climate security. For a quick overview of South Asia's climate-fragility risks, take a look at the two-pager factsheet.

Download the risk brief:

CSEN_South Asia_RiskBrief_2019

Download the factsheet:

CSEN_South Asia_Factsheet_2019

Download regional dialogue summary

CSEN_South Asia_Regional Dialogue Summary_2019


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Listen to the podcast with the author

Together with Dhanasree Jayaram, we discuss climate fragility pathways for the region and possible solutions to address them. This episode also highlights, why and how climate change can be a peace-keeping tool and why conflicts in the region can´t be resolved by one country alone.