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Workshop documentation: Climate-fragility risks in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region

Conference Documentation IGES-adelphi workshop Japan climate fragility risks

The first workshop took place on 14 June 2016 and brought together 31 Japanese and international experts as well as government representatives. It was followed by a workshop on 16 June 2016 with 15 participants from Japanese civil society. The workshops focused on two central topics:

  • Climate-fragility risks for Japan and the region: What are the direct and indirect impacts of climate change on Japan and the region? Which climate-fragility risks might emerge for Japan and the region? What role do these risks play in terms of disaster risk, and energy, food and water security?
  • Ways to address climate-fragility risks: Which experiences and approaches exist in Japan, regionally and within the G7 to address climate fragility risks and which approaches are most relevant for Japan in terms of its climate change, development and foreign policy? What are possible short and long term solutions, actions and entry points for Japan?

This workshop documentation summarises key results of the discussion. It is the first of a series of papers in 2016 that adelphi and IGES are jointly publishing in Japanese and English to foster the debate on climate-fragility risks in Japan.

It is also available in Japanese: 日本とアジア太平洋地域の気候脆弱性リスク