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ECC Newsletter Edition 04/2022

The challenges brought on by Russia’s war on Ukraine are many, and they come on top of increasingly alarming climate change events. Extreme weather has made its way to the Global North, demonstrated by the excruciatingly hot summer in Europe, and the flood alarms that follow the fire and drought season. The recent monsoon floodings in Pakistan are an eery reminder that the harder the drought season, the heavier the floods that follow. On top of this comes exacerbated climate risks through poor resource management, such as in Iraq, or additional environmental degradation caused by war and conflict, as we saw in Syria. Together, climate change and conflict amount to the world’s greatest modern threats. This enormous challenge will be addressed in depth at this year’s Berlin Climate and Security Conference in October.

The international community is under pressure to act. There is an urgent need for coordinated approaches on climate, peace and security,  and strong cooperation towards the decarbonisation of critical sectors, such as food trade. Read on to find out more.
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