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ECC Newsletter | Issue 01/2023

El Grado Reservoir in Huesca, Spain, affected by a severe drought.

Across regions such as the PacificEastern Africa and South-Eastern Europe, we see how climate change interacts with local fragilities to drive maladaptation and insecurity. Acting on climate change and the risks it poses to human security requires evidence-based localised knowledge. Climate security profiles and risk assessments are filling this gap.

Meanwhile, regional stakeholders are building upon this momentum, with the African Union laying the groundwork for the first Common African Position on the nexus between climate change, peace and security. Stay tuned for the upcoming African Continental Climate Security Risk Assessment.

If you would like to help shape political processes and decision making on international climate diplomacy and security, take a look at our job opening for a (Senior) Advisor. In other news, Climate Diplomacy is now on Linkedin – hope to see you there!

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