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ECC Newsletter | Issue 01/2024

Jiblah, Yemen

Amidst these developments, Yemen emerges as a further concern. War is hindering the implementation of much needed climate policies, and recent tensions show that an end is not in sight. Conflicts that lead to humanitarian disasters occur not only between, but also within countries: in Haiti, we see how lack of resilience affects livelihoods, leads to internal displacement, and fuels crime and unrest.

Cooperation and multilateralism offer some hope: one example is how African countries are coming together to forward the Climate, Peace and Security agenda across the continent. Throughout five governorates in Iraq, local-level dialogues and inclusive decision-making processes emerge as a key entry-point for peace.

This edition of the ECC newsletter brings in depth analysis of climate policy, diplomacy and security from around the world. We also bring you two explainers on how climate and conflict relate to two important areas: food security and the critical minerals needed for the energy transition.

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