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The EU climate diplomacy action plan – Interview with EEAS Adviser Pascal Delisle

Did you know the EU had a Climate Diplomacy Action Plan? The aim is to connect different sectors and to anchor the climate narrative in foreign policy activities.

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"At EEAS together with our colleagues at CLIMA and other DGs and jointly with our member states, we have developed since two years what we call the “climate diplomacy action plan”, which is a way to really anchor a narrative across member states when we work together toward third countries in the world, through official démarches, sharing our perspective and gathering some information about third countries’ approaches. We are trying to prepare negotiations; we are trying to share our narrative on how important the economic climate transition can be for the countries. And we are trying through this climate diplomacy action plan also to address with the countries climate and security. These are not two different areas. Very often, you know, we know that different communities are working on different facets – the security community is on the one hand, the climate community, the development community. And what we try to do is to connect these several communities and anchoring our narrative together with our partner countries. The potential of climate diplomacy is really to be a multiplier for EU member states and EU institutions, policies, toward third countries to really align our narratives, to really align our instruments, and to be much more efficient together."


This interview was conducted at the Planetary Security Conference in The Hague, 5-6 December 2016.