The only solution to climate change is multilateral – John Kerry, former US Secretary of State

"I believe foreign ministers have an enormous ability to make a difference. There is no way any one country will solve it even if it wanted to by itself. The only solution to the problem of climate change is multilateral. All countries coming together. That requires foreign engagement and it involves foreign policy. There is no foreign policy anymore, really. It's all domestic policy because every country depends on another country to help be part of the solution. It's imperative to move urgently.

But it's also imperative to have the right narrative, the right message about the economic benefits of moving forward. This is good policy, good national security policy, good economic policy, good social policy. It can address all of the concerns we have about migration, about threat to food, human rights. Everything is involved in dealing with climate change. And if the foreign ministries will come together like that, we have great possibilities."