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In the Magazine you find, articles, reports, videos and more, sorted into the thematic areas:

Environment - this section is a catchall to inform all types of professionals on the main sectors affected by climate and environmental change.

Conflict - this section is directed towards practitioners working on the ground, particularly in the areas of peacebuilding and conflict mediation, security, adaptation and resilience to climate change. 

Cooperation - this section is a hub providing intelligence for policy-makers, diplomats and international organisations. 

Case studies

The Factbook on Environment, Conflict and Cooperation (ECC) brings over 130 case studies worldwide on climate- and environment-induced conflict and cooperation. Integrating different data sources, it analyses how both environmental and social drivers cascade into fragility and conflict risks, but also what entry points for cooperation exist and/or have been leveraged for peacebuilding. The ECC Factbook provides comprehensive contextual knowledge on environment-related conflicts and cooperation opportunities and is designed to provide evidence-based informationto academics, diplomats and field practitioners.



The Exhibition on Environment, Conflict and Cooperation (ECC) is a tool for bringing attention to the key issues around climate change, environmental degradation, climate-induced insecurity and cooperation opportunities. We designed it for conveying fundamental informationto the broader public. Its physical version has been shown around the world, and features different regional and thematic foci. If you are interested in using the online exhibition for educational purposes, or in displaying the physical ECC Exhibition (also available in French and Spanish) in your institution or organisation, please contact Daria Ivleva at ivleva@adelphi.de.


In this section, we bring you closer to the concept of climate diplomacy, present the Climate Diplomacy Initiative, and its key milestones. Furthermore, we bring you through our key focus areas, presenting the the work we have done in each area in these 10 years of the Climate Diplomacy Initiative. Here you can also review the types of activites we conduct, discover some of our main events and projects, and go through relevant information and documentation. If you are looking for expertise on climate foreign policy, diplomacy and security for your project, in this page you can discover how we can offer you support.