“We know what we need to do” – Interview with Carmelo Abela, Maltese Foreign Minister

“So displacement as a result of climate change is a sui generous phenomenon which requires specialized approaches and also solutions that may not be satisfied simply by extending the scope of existing instruments on displaced persons. The tools that we have at our disposal are often reactive and rely on complementary processes. This is a multifaceted challenge and our response should be just as comprehensive. The upcoming climate summit will move us a step closer by seeking to achieve further convergence between climate action and also the Sustainable Development Goals.

We now need to make the switch from the diplomacy of negotiation to the diplomacy of implementation. We know what we need to do, so we need to implement what we have on the table. This should be based on a preventive strategy which is comprehensive. A strategy that is also integrative and also one that is rights-based. It is vital that we continue to address this topic at the regional and international levels. And together with Germany and our EU partners, we are determined to raise further awareness about the security challenges of climate change.”