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Beyond Climate: How Nature Loss Undermines Peace and Security | BCSC 2023

The loss of nature is a profound threat to human, national, and global security around the world—and interconnected with the worsening effects of climate change. However, unlike climate change, its impacts are not considered in security strategies and international frameworks. Ecological degradation and biodiversity loss cause the decline of essential ecosystem services that humans depend on for food, health, and economic survival. 

Nature loss can have further destabilizing effects on human security and lead to fragility, migration, and conflict. While climate change can play a role in nature loss, human activities such as land-use change, overexploitation of resources, pollution, and the introduction and spread of invasive species are the most significant drivers of ecosystem destruction.

The Center for American Progress, WWF Germany, and IISD are hosting a virtual panel discussion focused on the critical role of nature and conservation in maintaining global peace and security, called the nature-security nexus. Representing perspectives from the environmental and security communities, this conversation will seek to provide attendees with a foundation of knowledge for incorporating the impacts of nature loss into modern security doctrines.


  • Monica Medina, President and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society (Keynote Speaker)
  • Andrew Zolli, Chief Impact Officer at Planet
  • Dr Winnie Kiiru, Executive Director at Mpala Research Centre
  • Dr Erin McFee, Professor of Practice in Climate Security at the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies, Founder & President at the Corioli Institute, and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the London School of Economics & Political Science

Moderated by Alice Ruhweza, Senior Director for Global Policy Influence and Engagement at World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Hosted by the Center for American Progress, IISD and WWF.

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