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Berlin Climate and Security Conference 2023: Conference opening and welcome speech

This fifth edition of BCSC was entitled Building a Climate for Peace and convened policy makers, decision makers, and climate security experts from across the world. With no time to lose to accelerate climate action ahead of COP28, the conference focused on three strategic goals to ensure that climate action and sustainable peace go hand in hand:

Solutions for fragile contexts, tools and knowledge (spotlighting tools, resources, and capacities to advance integration of climate and conflict sensitive analysis and policies into operations and programming on the ground); incentives (connecting people, knowledge and ideas across sectors, regions and disciplines to strengthen synergies between mutual and multilateral approaches and initiatives).

Production: Laís Clemente Pereira 
Direction, camera and editing: Paulus Müller-Hahl (Lichtbilder) 

The production of this video is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. 
© adelphi, all rights reserved

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